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Since 1974, the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy has been protecting our water, air, land and people.

MCEA works with government agencies, the Legislature, and the courts to set sound environmental policy, to ensure good laws are enacted, and to enforce the law when needed. We are committed to working across all sectors – private and public, profit and nonprofit, political and academic – to form the partnerships needed to succeed. Real environmental issues are complex and real environmental progress takes time. MCEA is in it for the long haul.

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  • Assessing Jerry Brown's Environmental Record Posted 10 minutes ago
    Prof. Richard Frank has a post on Legal Planet today assessing Gov. Brown's environmental record as he moves through his unprecedented fourth term as California's governor.  For me, it's kind of deja vu all over again.  I was in law school in Berkeley during Jerry Brown 1.0, his first two terms as governor ...
  • More on Toledo's algae blooms and the likely future Posted 2 days ago
    Good summary of the issue in Natural Resources Defense Council's newsletter this week: "The Algae That (Almost) Ate Toledo."
  • Blue green algae in Lake Erie again Posted 3 days ago
    Toledo and its taxpayers again are feeling the impact of "nonpoint" water pollution from agriculture.  I am not sure how long heavily regulated cities and beleaguered property taxpayers are going to stay willing to pay to treat water polluted by "exempt" agricultural operations.

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